Powerful PHP File-Manager and AJAX Uploader

FileGator is Powerful PHP File-Manager and AJAX Uploader.

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We cannot guarantee that this software will run in every environment or together with any other application, without producing errors. Any liability for damage of any sort is hereby denied. You are solely responsible for your files, server and data

Please evaluate this software with non-critical data before use.

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This software uses open-source plugins blueimp, foundation, lightbox and jquery.

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Main Features:


Main Screen Explained:

1. - Sign in / Sign out links

2. - Upload one or more Files. Or you can drag&drop into the browser but not in IE

3. - Create new Folder or create new File

4. - Preview images (only active on folders with images), open Tree view and Filter Files by filename options

5. - File properties and options (download, rename, unzip, edit)

6. - Go back to parent folder

7. - Sort Files and invert sort

8a. - Select Files and Folders

8b. - Copy, Move, Delete or Zip selected Files and Folders




The installation of FileGator is very simple:

- Make sure you have minimum PHP 5.2 + Apache2 on you server

- Copy all files to your server using FTP or similar tool

- Make sure Apache service has read/write access to the config/ and repository/ folder(s). Consult your system administrator about this. 

- Point your browser to filegator folder  (example:

- Sign in as admin/admin123 to admin interface (username:  admin  password:  admin123)

- Change admin password by clicking on gears icon next to admin account

- Create one or more user accounts

- Sign out of admin interface and Sign in as regular user to test filegator


Additional Notes:

- Beware who you give access and writing permissions since users can gain full acces to your server. You are solely responsible for your files, server and data.

- Current .htaccess file inside repository directory will prevent script and html execution inside that directory. You may need to adjust this to fit your needs. 


You can set all configuration options by editing the configuration.php file.

All configuration options begins with explanation so read them carefully. 

Configuration options are inside single array so you must be careful not to break the array structure. Some options can include sub-arrays.

NOTE: You may need to logout/login for some changes to take effect


FileGator is tested and found compatibile with:




Server Versions


Operating Systems

(Tested on x86 and x86_64 platforms)


* Some features like drag&drop, upload in chunks and realtime progress bar will not be available in some IE versions

** Widows NTFS filesystem (and some linux distros) has PHP restrictions when using special characters and encodings for filenames. For example it has been reported that Greek letters are not displayed correctly on Windows NTFS + FileGator.

*** FileGator will work on Microsoft IIS and Nginx but these web servers are not fully supported and these setups may not be secure enough!


How can I increase maximum upload file size?

This is controlled by web server and PHP settings inside php.ini file.

Follow these steps to increase maximum upload file size to 200MB:

1. Locate your php.ini file. On windows look into c:/Program Files/php/ or c:/xampp/apache/bin/ or simply search for php.ini. Sometimes there are two or more php.ini files (on some xampp installations) so you must figure out which one is used.

2. Inside php.ini file set parameters to something similar:

upload_max_filesize = 200M ;this is 200 Megabytes
post_max_size = 205M ;this must be greater then upload_max_filesize

3. Restart your web server to apply new settings. Don’t forget this!

4. Update FileGator's configuration.php config file

'max_filesize' => 209715200, // This is 200 Megabytes

5. Refresh page in your browser and you’re done.

Here is a good link to explain this more deeply.

Note: If you don’t have your own server consult your hosting provider about this.


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brandbusters for logo design


Thanks to open-source guys at:

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